Summer Slipping away on September Sighs of Covid Exhaustion

In Central Virginia, we have had a rainy August and September. The grass looks spring-time green while some of the tree leaves are yellowed and too weary to hang on for October’s spectacular burst of color.

The temps and humidity have both faded from a blast furnace like slap to a gentle caress. The 90s have sullenly slipped away leaving a mixture of low 80s and full range of 70s in their wake. The dew point has followed from the tropical realms to a more comfortable 50 to 60 percent.

Fall mums are replacing impatiens and begonias in front yard pots and farm stands. The local news has advertised the first corn maze at a pumpkin farm. Pumpkin signs are everywhere from pumpkin flavored lattes at Starbucks to pumpkin infused pancakes at First Watch. The first house in our neighborhood put out it’s ceramic jack-o-lantern.

The season of peaches is waning while the apple and cider season is waxing strongly. Carter’s Mountain, a local orchard, has just implemented a ticket reservation system (with charges for Friday- Sunday) to control the crowds who come to pick apples, drink cider or wine, catch the view, or shop in the country store.

The few remaining cornfields are brown and withered with most ears already picked.

The deer are coming out earlier as twilight emerges sooner each day. Dawn is also later as we burn less day light each day. Soon the rut will begin and unfortunately, car struck deer will provide easy meals for the raptors that soar overhead on the autumn currents coming off the Blue Ridge Mountains.

The dogwood leaves look crinkled and weary as the blight continues to assault each native tree. The red dogwood berries shining glossily on many trees, despite the lichen covered bark and tattered remains of desiccated leaves trembling on each fragile branch.

The local economy seems to be picking up as the students return bringing a spike in our COVID rate with them. How long UVA can continue to hold smaller, more socially distant in-person classes is a close hold secret. The administration has not shared what the threshold might be that could trigger a switch to only online learning.

COVID fatigue has set in long ago with the added stress of the upcoming flu season and the unlikelihood of being able to continue the outdoors dining and meeting space that have been the norm since last Spring.

This has been the first fall in a long time where I have had or taken the time to notice summer’s passing and the slow arrival of fall on September sighs.

I feel as weary as the yellowed leaves

but still hanging on to see

if tomorrow will bring a better day.

16 thoughts on “Summer Slipping away on September Sighs of Covid Exhaustion”

  1. I loved your post today although it feels a bit melancholy with the passing of summer into fall, and all our feelings of covid exhaustion and fatigue. Sending you lots of love.

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  2. You checked many of the boxes for fall–pumpkins, apples, trees turning colour, students back at school. I love fall. Here things are weird. We had a really hot beginning to September; felt like July. Now we’re under a smoky fog from the fires to the south, and it’s much cooler. I like your version of fall better!

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  3. Hope so. Here in central Virginia our first frosts are almost a month early. But we are back to normal beginning tomorrow. The one good by product of Covid restrictions is the leisure to more closely observe the changing seasons.


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