September 17-Constitution Day

Constitution Day commemorates the day in September 17, 1787, that “the Founding Fathers signed the most influential document in American history, the United States Constitution. This document established the framework of our government and the rights and freedoms that “We the People” enjoy today.”

<a href="<p style="font-size: 0.9rem;font-style: italic;"><img style="display: block;" src="; alt="US Constitution"><a href="">"US Constitution"</a><span> by <a href="">Jonathan Thorne CC</a></span> is licensed under <a href="; style="margin-right: 5px;">CC BY-NC 2.0</a><a href="; target="_blank" rel="noopener noreferrer" style="display: inline-block;white-space: none;margin-top: 2px;margin-left: 3px;height: 22px !important;"><img style="height: inherit;margin-right: 3px;display: inline-block;" src="; /><img style="height: inherit;margin-right: 3px;display: inline-block;" src="; /><img style="height: inherit;margin-right: 3px;display: inline-block;" src="; /></a>

Many of us believe that today the Constitution is under assault. Use today to reflect that all of our elected leaders, military, and civil servants take an oath to uphold the Constitution. We do not promise loyalty to any person or political party.

I took that oath in November 1981 when I first became a civil servant. My husband and father both took that oath when they joined the military. My husband took it again when he became a civil servant following retirement. Our president took that oath on January 20, 2017.

From Ben’s Guide

According to the 20th Amendment to the Constitution, a President’s term of office begins at 12:00 p.m. (noon) on January 20th of the year following an election. In order to assume his or her duties, the President-elect must recite the Oath of Office. The Oath is administered by the Chief Justice of the Supreme Court. The President-elect places the left hand on the Bible, raises the right hand, and takes the Oath as directed by the Chief Justice. The Oath, as stated in Article II, Section I, Clause 8 of the U.S. Constitution, is as follows:

“I do solemnly swear (or affirm) that I will faithfully execute the office of President of the United States, and will to the best of my ability, preserve, protect and defend the Constitution of the United States.”

Do you think he has kept that promise?

Test your knowledge of the US Constitution with this relatively easy 10 question quiz.

I got 9 out of 10 and over thought the question I missed.

20 thoughts on “September 17-Constitution Day”

  1. 8 out of 10. I was definitely tripped on the max number of years a person can serve as President. I said 8 which is 2 terms but the answer is 10, which makes sense if a Vice President has to take over for the President.

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  2. I got 9/10 too, so we both beat the national average of 7.3. Then I got cocky and took the more advanced test, where I got 27/50, which compares to the national average of 32.39.

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  3. 9/10 seems our average. I started to take the advanced test but wasn’t doing very well and realized it was 50 questions. I realized I wasn’t that interested. Congratulations on finishing it.


  4. Trump’s far from perfect but I like the work he’s doing to combat human trafficking which is a hidden worldwide crisis. He’s been nominated for the Nobel Peace Prize for a reason, unlike the one that was immediately given to Obama for no reason, (I ignorantly voted for him). “Orange man bad” has fulfilled his constitutional oath (in my unpopular opinion).


  5. Thanks for commenting. Question. Since he is so ready to take credit for things whether accurately or not, why hasn’t he taken credit for such a good thing to have accomplished?


  6. As a subject (or citizen) of the UK, you would not have a need to be familiar with our constitution, although a lot of it was borrowed from John Locke and the two Frenchmen from the Enlightenment (Montesquieu and Rousseau). I smile at your sentence about being a subject rather than a citizen. I never thought of that.


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