Reality to America, Come in Please

In Fairfax, Virginia, some Trump supporters held a demonstration outside an early voting place on Friday. A silver haired woman said, “We’re demonstrating because we don’t want America to become Marxist.”

What if Democrats demonstrated at a Trump rally, saying they wanted to keep America from becoming Fascist or totalitarian or a dictatorship?  His supporters would be livid and say this was not true.

Blinded by lies

Both sides are widely separated on how they view the other side aka the Enemy or at best the opposition.

Let’s at least try to retain a modicum of logic when referring to the other political party.

14 thoughts on “Reality to America, Come in Please”

  1. The closer the voting date gets closer, the spirits will be more confrontational than democratic. On Trump’s side, he is more given to confrontation than to reason. Anyway, in this part of the continent, we see a very problematic election and it is difficult to define a winner in advance.
    Manuel Angel

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  2. There has been a lot said lately about the Scalia/Ginsburg friendship. Scalia, a staunch conservative, and Ginsburg, a stanch liberal, maintained a wonderful friendship over many years. Here is just one of the articles that speaks about that. If they can maintain a friendship despite their political views, then the rest of us should strive to do the same with our friends and family who are on the opposite of the political spectrum.

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  3. It would be nice–I think that some of our leaders can not separate ideological differences from personal differences. The ideology is so closely tied to the persona. Thanks for commenting.


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