Animal Life in the Grave Yard

One of my favorite spots to view wildlife (both mammals and birds) is the churchyard at St. Paul’s, Ivy. The churchyard was originally part of the Lewis (as in Meriwether Lewis of Lewis and Clark fame) family estate. It is surrounded by woods on three sides so there is a good space for animals to graze and then escape into the surrounding woods, down a burrow or up a tree depending upon the animal.

I have seen a buzzard drying his wings on a teak bench.

Sometimes a fickle fox will pop out of the underbrush long enough to be seen.

Vultures sometimes roost in the trees.

A fat groundhog has a burrow under the Osage Orange Tree.

Deer come and go as if they own the place.

The squirrels are present year around.

We’ve even had a black bear walking around the Churchyard. I think that may be the same bear that followed the railroad tracks into our neighborhood last Friday.

Bear picture provided by a neighbor, Larry Briggs. Picture was taken Friday, September 18, when the bear made them change the course of their morning walk.

25 thoughts on “Animal Life in the Grave Yard”

  1. Wow–even a bear! I’ve never seen one of those here, although there are many on other parts of Vancouver Island. We don’t have groundhogs, but there are raccoons and deer and squirrels. Bald eagles and ravens fly over regularly, and hummingbirds are around all year.

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      1. They’re Anna’s hummingbirds. Their range has extended northward because of warmer winters and people growing ornamental plants that provide nectar. And there are more hummingbird feeders too. I don’t remember seeing the birds much in the ’70s, but now they’re all over the place here in Victoria.

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  2. Nice place. Actually it is a lot like our place sans the vultures, and it has been years since we saw the bear. And since we have a pond we have a lot of water birds. All those critters are essential to me in this time of self quarantine.


  3. The bear was the first one I have heard about in the almost four years we have belonged to that church. I believe they follow the railroad tracks down from the Blue Ridge Mountains looking for easy food.


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