22 thoughts on “Merriam-Webster How Strong is Your Vocabulary Quiz”

  1. Hi. I wanted to apologize to you. For wanting to translate your comment on my poem, I deleted it without realizing it. Thank you very much for commenting. Hopefully you have time to do it again. Have a good weekend.
    Manuel Angel

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  2. Well, dayum. Easy words, all, so I was trying for speed … and got clumsy. I clicked while my mouse was in motion and SUCCUMBED to an ignominious failure. I rue my error. 9/10 . 😦

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    1. It wasn’t on my quiz either. And now you made me look it up. …. Hmmm.. Gasconade is like rodomontade or fanfaronade. This way lies madness….. (except that they all sound like salad dressings).

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