Merriam-Webster Homophone Quiz

If you know what I am writing/righting/riting/ about then you know what I am up to/too/two. It’s a homophone quiz where you have two or more words that sound alike but are spelt differently and have different meanings.

The quiz is not too difficult (or is that to difficult or two difficult?)

I missed the first one because I selected the wrong spelling and I missed the second one (which I knew) because I ran out of time.

17 thoughts on “Merriam-Webster Homophone Quiz”

  1. 9/10 I always get HORDE/HOARD backwards. I also forget whether BARREL has two Rs or two Ls until I write the word and it looks correct or stupid. Some words just weren’t meant to be spelled.

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  2. I’m surprised you confuse Horde/Hoard. I missed phizz and phiz==knew the word but hardly ever see it in print. sometimes, I have to mentally remind myself about of and off–of does not at all look like it sounds.

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    1. I am too. It must be a trick of wiring in my brain. I’m a pretty decent speller, but a handful of words just never look right. I second guess myself and get them wrong half the time.

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