Phil Eakin Earns Over 16,000 Volunteer Hours for the USS Midway (CV-41) Library

A man year equals 2080 hours a year. Phil has been volunteered the equivalent of over 8 years.

Some of the highlight from Phil’s profile in the Scuttlebutt, by editor Carl Snow.

  • Philip Joseph Eakin was born on March 14 and grew up in Ft Wayne, Indiana
  • After graduating from Central Catholic HS in Ft Wayne, he attended and graduated from Villanova University near Philadelphia, PA
  • After graduation with the financial aide of an NROTC scholarship, Phil was commissioned a Navy Ensign and after some preliminary training,was assigned to USS Higbee (DD-806) as first the navigator and then the CIC (Combat Information Center) Officer
  • During his tour on the Higbee he was involved in the “Battle of Dong Hoi Gulf” where the Higbee was bombed by a North Vietnamese MiG-17
  • Phil admits that this tour was his most rewarding in terms of professional development and contribution to a naval unit
  • Phil changed focus from being a ship handler to work for Navy Intelligence. He worked for Defense Intelligence Agency and was later assigned to tours in San Diego, Hawaii, and Australia.
  • While in Australia, he met his future wife, Carol, who was working for the Australian government at the time.
  • After Phil left Australia, he received orders as the Intelligence Officer on the USS Tarawa (LHA-1). When the Tarawa was on a West Pac deployment, Carol arranged to meet Phil in Hong Kong where they sort of became engaged.
  • Phil married Carol in Canberra. They moved to Sabre Springs, north of San Diego, CA
  • Commander Phil Eakin and Carol had back to back tour in Hawaii where Phil retired. They moved to Australia after that: Melbourne, Perth, and finally Darwin.
  • During his time in Australia, one of Phil’s job was a punter, where he used his database and intelligence skills to bet on horse racing for a living, working for the leading Australian bookmaker in Darwin.
  • Meanwhile, Carol got a UN job supporting the East Timor mission.
  • They returned to San Diego, but Carol got recruited for another UN post to Khartoum, Sudan. Phil remained in SD.
  • In 2006, Phil took some guests aboard the USS Midway and impressed by the Docents. Because he had thought about getting a Masters in Library Science, he became interested in the Museum’s Library. He worked for a docent for two years and has worked the library for about fourteen years.

Why does Phil volunteer for the USS Midway?

Being around good people. I missed the camaraderie of the Navy and found that again at the Midway.”

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