Somerset Steam and Gas Association, Somerset, VA

About three miles east of Route 20, Virginia’s Constitution Route, lies the small town of Somerset. Just beyond the town center, sits the Somerset Steam & Gas Engine Association. When we passed it last September, it was hosting a small event where the field was filled with steam tractors, trucks, engines that ground meal, popped corn, and baled hay. There were examples of mills, oil rigs, and other devices. It looked like a steampunk dream brought to life.

Purpose of the organization:

We are looking to bring together people of all ages to learn about the beauty behind the antique steam and gas engines.

To foster education and to promote interest and exchange information and provide the mutual assistance regarding such equipment. To own and display such equipment and to own and to operate any needed property, including but not limited to, a show-ground, workshops, museum and library.

Their main event is a pasture party (cancelled this year because of COVID.)

Hopefully they can have it next year.

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