Celebrating October 12 in Spain and Latin America

In 1492, Columbus sailed the ocean blue to “discover” America. Columbus has since fallen out of favor and the day now has other names. The Don Quixote blog shares how Columbus Day is celebrated in Spain (where Columbus sailed from, although Columbus was originally Italian) and Central and South America.

Spain: Spanish law establishes it as the Fiesta Nacional de España, or the national day of Spain, although many Spaniards continue referring to it as Día de la Hispanidad, which was the former name of the Spanish holiday.

Latin America: October 12 is still known as el Día de la Raza in some Latin American countries including Mexico. Other Latin American countries however, that once commemorated the day as el Día de la Raza have in recent years changed the name to honor diversity or to celebrate indigenous heritage.

See the blog for more information.

4 thoughts on “Celebrating October 12 in Spain and Latin America”

  1. I always felt either the Asians in the Pacific or the Norse on the Atlantic discovered this land much earlier than Columbus ended up in the islands because of a storm. It was always my cousin’s birthday, so guess where the party was…. hahah

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