Live in the Time of Coronavirus: Pt 19: Reblog-Lockdown Lingo

Sheree lives in the South of France and periodically blogs about how she and her Beloved Husband are navigating what is now France’s Second Lockdown.

This blog focuses on French lock down terms

Attestation – This word (certificate) – already crucial to France’s true religion of bureaucracy – became central to life during Lockdown I. Une attestation de déplacement dérogatoire was required for every trip out. The word is commonly used in many other situations for example: une attestation du travail proves that you are in work while une attestation de domicile is proof of where you live.

4 thoughts on “Live in the Time of Coronavirus: Pt 19: Reblog-Lockdown Lingo”

  1. There centralized plan. Each state does its own thing. More states are getting more locked down. Hopefully the new administration will have a more hands one approach.


  2. Tried to add this comment but it moved me to the web then wanted a login. So I just copied it here:

    This makes me remember Germany during the oil crisis. We had driveless Sundays. Looking down on an empty autobahn was quite a sight. I needed a “certificate” to drive home at night when I worked till 9. Control is much more prevalent in European countries. Here we are trusted to do the right thing for the best of all and many choose the alternatives and endanger not only themselves but others who are vulnerable. Sad.


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  3. We are more hung up on personal interpretations of our rights and liberty than we are on the common welfare. Very sad. We hit 250 years in 2026–hope we survive that long. Thanks for commenting. Interesting to read about Germany back in the 70s. We had a similar scene here in Virginia, where you could only buy gas on the day your license plate ended (odd or even). Most gas stations were closed on Sunday.


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