Seeking “Why We Write/Publish” Quotes

After reading Audrey Driscoll’s series on Twenty Years a Write, , particularly Part 4: Reasons to Write and Publish, I thought it would be very interesting to collect quotes from other bloggers to put together in a future blog post. Why do we write and/or publish?

I invite each of you to either answer that question in comments or send me an email. I’d like you to include you name, your blog’s name and it’s URL. I’d like your responses by December 1, 2020.

Thanks for you consideration. I’d like to publish them sometime in December

20 thoughts on “Seeking “Why We Write/Publish” Quotes”

  1. Because my daughter bullied me to use Facebook. When I did I was encouraged to write a blog instead. “What’s one of those?”, I asked my sister in law. ‘How do I do it?”, I asked. A friend joined in with the WordPress recommendation. I have now produced a daily diary since May 2012.

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