‘I hope you’ll join me’

After an unfortunate exchange of words at a McDonald because I was taking too long to put my change in my wallet for the impatient middle-aged woman behind me in line to order, she told me “Go to hell.”

She didn’t know how to react when I smiled at her and told her, “I hope you’ll join me.”

St Michael casting Satan into Hell

34 thoughts on “‘I hope you’ll join me’”

  1. Ha! Perfect comeback, Pat. I’ve experienced similar. I have to wonder how other people handle their money when they can put it away so fast. I guess I’ve always needed to know what I did with every penny…
    People I encountered in my decade in DC were so often rude and hateful. Once I stumbled and fell up an escalator. I was still trying to get my balance when a man (30s or 40s) in a suit literally pushed me aside and muttered something rude. I of course lost my balance again…
    I’m glad you had a snappy comeback. Hugs on the wing.

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  2. Glad you liked it, Teagan. People can be so rude and impatient since it is ALL ABOUT THEM. I’ve been exasperated by old people in check out lines but never felt the obligation to share that out loud. I figure this female dog was in a hurry to get back to her texting on her cell phone which is what she was doing while waiting for her McDonald’s order.

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  3. ..”Only At McDonald’s”.. This Is The Add We Have Here; Getting In Your Head. I Guess It Could Be Anywhere. But The Add Could Turn Against Itself. Getting Bullied In The Waiting Line – Getting Called Names – Threatened ? ..”Only..

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    1. You add some interesting tag lines. I think this type of behavior can happen in any long line where people are getting impatient and yield to the temptation of venting that impatience. COVID and the political uncertainty do not make that feeling of stress any better.

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