When Do Campaign Signs Become Election Litter?

It’s been over three weeks since the election. Virginia (where I live) is not one of the states where the results are still being contested. As I drive around the state (mostly between Central and Northern Virginia) I continue to see many campaign signs for candidates for president/vice president and the House of Representatives. Most of the signs for the Senatorial candidates have been taken down. Although most of the lingering signs are for the Republican candidates, I see a few Democratic candidate signs–this is compared to the total number of signs for both parties that I saw before the election.

According to Central Virginia Legal Aid Society (CVLAS) Director of Litigation Martin Wegbreit, because campaign signs are a form of free speech and protected by the First Amendment, there is no specific time frame within which a campaign must remove its signs.

The Department of Transportation can limit where the signs can be hung (unless it’s on private property) and how large the sign can be.

When do you think that campaign signs should come down? Does a tattered campaign sign show your loyalty to your candidate or a disregard for esthetics?

18 thoughts on “When Do Campaign Signs Become Election Litter?”

  1. Maybe I’m overestimating the intellect of the American voter, but I question whether campaign signs ever convince anyone to vote for anyone….so why put them up in the first place? I suppose it’s supposed to increase a candidate’s name recognition, but to vote for someone based on name recognition is a poor commentary on the level of voter wisdom.

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  2. I think there are many true believers out there who want to show their devotion to their candidate. I saw one hardcore member of MAGA nation furiously riding his seated mower around his yard with a 2 foot by 4 foot Trump sign suspended from the extended arms on the back of his throne.

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  3. I have to agree with the commenter who wonders if campaign signs actually influence anyone. And what about campaign robocalls. Seriously – someone thinks that sending me an automated phone call will change the way I might vote? What a waste of time and money.

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  4. It was a tremendous mess with the signs, but the same thing happens in all countries. Political propaganda in times of elections, pushes the limits of what is allowed and common sense.
    It is interesting to know unknown aspects of the last electoral campaign in the USA.
    Good article
    Manuel Angel

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  5. The only signs left up in my small rural town are the Republican candidates, particularly the Trump/Pence ones. IMO, they are just sore losers and won’t take them down even though our town has an ordinance that says they should be taken down a week after the election.

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