Fitbit and Me

I’ve been a fitbit fan for a few years now–the proud owner of a Fitbit zip (the cheapest and most basic product).

Over the years, I bought and lost several of them because the plastic clip never worked well; they fell out of my pockets too easily. Switching from the dark grey to the bright fuchsia plastic cover made they easier to find under the car seat or on the pavement next to the car .

When they started disappearing from several stores and refurbished ones appeared online for double the $35-$45 price of the new ones, I bought a couple to stockpile. My last zip quit functioning; I was forced to buy a new one to keep my addiction going.

The Inspire 2 was “only” $120. I hated the feel of the plastic band and continued to carry it in my pocket.

As a reclining bike junkie, I like to watch the steps increase on the fitbit app on my computer as I merrily peddled away. Fitbit no longer supports the app on Windows 10. When I was forced to update the firmware on my Inspire, that small pleasure was taken away. I now have to sync my fitbit on my phone, which just happens to be a model that fitbit doesn’t officially support. The sync now lags between what is on the Inspire, what is on the dashboard, and what is on one of the graphs.

I can not directly tie what I miss about the earlier fitbit (devices and ability to sync with the computer) to it’s purchase by Google but I am suspicious. (Does that qualify for a conspiracy theory?

10 thoughts on “Fitbit and Me”

    1. No, it doesn’t. When I was told that my phone version was not fully supported, I told them I was not buying a new phone but I could buy a new tracking device. I don’t think they heard me or cared.

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  1. I feel that pain all the time when something I’m comfortable with changes. Every new version of Windows for example, gives me something more and takes away something familiar. Grrrr…. It’s called “planned obsolesce” and it sucks. “New and Improved” is a scam to keep consumers buying. Is it a conspiracy theory? Am I just Over It All? Yes!

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  2. It is so frustrating when modern stuff doesn’t work as well or feel so good as the old stuff it replaced. You can’t get decent chalk these days. And as for finding a blackboard …! šŸ™‚

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