2020 in Hindsight

According the calendar, 2020 began on 1 January and ended on 31 December. Trump dominated the year. The year may have begun in September 2019 when the House first moved to impeach him and ended on January 13, when the House moved to impeach him again. He is the first president to ever be impeached twice.

Like the of the previous impeachments, (Andrew Johnson and Bill Clinton), the presidents have been accused of impeachment, but never found guilty in a Senate trial. The outcome on this one may follow that trend.

In 2020, Trump both exceeded and met my expectations. When he was surprised by someone asking him if he knew that Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsberg had passed, he replied that he did not know and called her “very great lady.” In that instant he made no disparaging comment about her. I was very pleasantly surprised.

Almost every other time, he met my expectations, even on January 6 when he encouraged the crowd to storm the Capital and Pence to throw the Electoral College results.

On that day and since Vice President Pence has exceeded my expectations by acting the way that most of us hope that a President would act.

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