Snow Reveries

Gently falling snow
muffles sound; shortens distance
Magnifies details.

Flakes limn the branches.
Black and white outlines sharpen
while contours soften.

Tracks abound in snow
tires, squirrel, human, bird, dog.
Each path visible.

Snow still coming down
coating trees, grass and rooftops.
Melting on pavement.

How can tree roots drink
up snow so quickly that it
leaves behind bare ground?

Snowman on fire pit
Do wet logs hide underneath
smoldering in pique?

6 thoughts on “Snow Reveries”

  1. Stop by after our next snowfall (whenever that is) and we’ll fill up the back of your pickup (if you drive one.). It’s pretty to look at but a pain in the neck to scrape off cars.


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