Live in the Time of Coronavirus, Pt 21: Work from Home Attire

Outer appearances are very important. The thought appears in ancient Babylonian writings, and Erasmus’s collection of adages (1523) refers to the fact that the statement “Clothes are the man” appeared in Homer and numerous ancient Latin sources. In sixteenth-century England it was usually put as “apparel” rather than “clothes”; Shakespeare’s Polonius pontificates, “The apparel oft proclaims the man” (Hamlet, 1.3). It was a cliché by the nineteenth century.

Where are you in the what to wear from home continuum?

  1. Wear pajamas all day
  2. Look professional from the waist up, but only on Zoom meeting days
  3. Have a complete set of elastic waist pants and coordinated t-shirts
  4. Gave away all of my professional clothes as a 2020 tax write-off
  5. Wish I still had day of the week underwear.
  6. Family stepped in with a need to do laundry intervention
  7. Pigpen is my new hero

6 thoughts on “Live in the Time of Coronavirus, Pt 21: Work from Home Attire”

  1. Other than wearing a mask whenever I step out the front door, my daily clothing regiment has stayed pretty much the same as in pre-pandemic times. ….undergarments, long underwear, insulated pants, turtleneck, bulky sweater ….

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