Reblog: Most Popular Books by State

ThriftBooks, a very good place to buy inexpensive second hand books, has published a list and map of what books ThriftBooks’ customers read the most by state in 2020. Some like Alabama’s Where the Crawdads Sing or Alaska’s How Al-Anon Works for Families & Friends of Alcoholics may make sense. Virginia’s 1984 seemed like more of a surprise to me.

8 thoughts on “Reblog: Most Popular Books by State”

  1. Well, aside from the fact that this survey reaffirms the popularity of Harry Potter, I think the most obvious conclusion is that whoever did the study used some really small sample sizes or flimsy analysis. Having watched generations of chemistry majors and nursing students wrestle with organic chemistry, I seriously doubt that Making the Connection Lab Techniques in Organic Chemistry is anyone’s most popular book.

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    1. Since they do not say how these are selected and this is a used book company, I’m wondering if it is based on the title that got the most sales in each state. I could see how college students might buy a textbook on sale, if available. Otherwise, I agree with you because you’ve spent decades on that subject.


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