Circular Logic

The government needs to do something about this COVID virus.

They recommend wearing a mask

That infringes on my rights and freedom.

Are you maintaining social distancing?

That’s another infringement.

Are you staying home?

Heck no! I have the right to go wherever and whenever I want.

Are your kids participating in hybrid or distance learning?

No, I’m paying taxes so my kids belong in school–period.

Will you get a vaccine?

No way. I don’t want to the government injecting something weird into my body.

The government just passed the new stimulus bill.

I don’t have direct checking so if I get it at all, it will take months. The government hasn’t even gotten my unemployment benefits straightened out. I’ll say this again, the government needs to do something about this COVID virus.

Circular logic

The wheels of conspiracy theories operate much faster than the wheels of government.

25 thoughts on “Circular Logic”

  1. Here in Europe we don’t understand that kind of thinking the Americans are engaged in. This is a pandemic not a political/social discussion of rights. Bloody hell, we were confined home for 4,5 months, we’ve been wearing masks, mandatory, since April 2019, and if they catch you without one in the streets you will get a hefty fine. No one thinks it’s an infringement of rights! Good grief! The government has a responsibility to the people and being that civilians are undisciplined, laws and enforcement is very much needed! Good post that makes people react and think how different we are. All the best to you! 😊

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    1. I share your disgust for people that think it is all about them. I know people have reacted similarly to helmet laws for riding motorcycles. I was too young to be aware of how they reacted to having to wear seatbelts (but I am guessing the same way). Unfortunately, their so-called role models acted that way for four years.

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        1. And you too. I’ve been reading your diary and the lockdown sounds much worse than anything I have had to endure here (and as much as I would prefer not to), I try to remember to always wear a mask when entering a store. ( You would think after a year it would be a habit and I always have one available to put on.) I’ve had my first vaccination and will have the second one this afternoon, then two weeks to let work its magic, then a bit more freedom to do things while still wearing a mask and social distancing.

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          1. Wonderful! I am still waiting for my vaccination but I really would like to have it done, but here in Europe vaccines are handled by the government and you know that whenever the government is involved things do not run as smoothly. In the US all my friends also have been vaccinated, some much younger than me. Here it is by age as well…so best of luck to you, keep the mask on for a while until all get herd immunity, then we can all be free, although I do expect to wear the mask on trains and planes for quite a while. All the best to you,

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          2. We are all so glad Biden is your president and I think his government is much more professional and effective and better for the US and the world! That seems to be the opinion of everyone I know here…


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