Pick-up Truck Political Statements

Saturday seemed to be drive your big pick-up truck around Front Royal, Virginia and share your political points of view.

On 55 east, heading out of Front Royal, we sat at a red light behind a large, black and white Chevrolet pick-up with the owner exercising his first and second amendment rights in white lettering on the window at the back of his cab. The top line had a silhouette of an assault rifle pointing at an Impeach Northam (Virginia’s Democratic governor). Underneath that was a white Trump Pence sign.

A re-created image of the Chevrolet’s rear window.

Later in the day, we saw two different F-151 Ford pickups flying large F**K Biden flags . The second one had the added line of “F**k you too if you voted for him.”

The next morning along the Interstate outside Front Royal, we saw three large crosses on a hillside. The largest one in the middle had an American flag hanging from either side of the horizontal portion of the cross. This was the first time I have ever seen a cross used as a flag pole.

23 thoughts on “Pick-up Truck Political Statements”

  1. Incredible to us all that in the US they would allow people to carry assault rifles. Expressing distaste for elected officials is fine, even if it’s vulgar but threats should not be tolerated. Isn’t it about time that the US resolve this policy of hatred and violence?

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    1. Francisco, it has gotten so partisan that the senior Senator from South Carolina, Senator Lindsay Graham, went on television to brag (perhaps falsely) that if a disaster precluded the police from protecting his neighborhood, his house would be the last one broken into because he could protect it with an assault rifle. I am not against people having guns for self-protection or responsible hunting if the prey is used for food-but do you really need an assault rifle to take down Bambi? Republicans were saying on television that they were not afraid when the insurrectionists stormed the Capitol on January 6 that they were not afraid because it was Patriots storming the Capital and only a few of them were armed. We have passed the point of reasonable compromise–hope we can find our way back.

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      1. I hope so too. I think all this boasting is just a show of false strength and it will blow over. It is the rubbish left behind by the past president who fed these narrow minded folk for four years and they are still not over it. And no, no one hunts with an AK-47 assault rifle!

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    1. JeanMarie, I have visited Front Royal many times over the past thirty five years and I have never seen it like this. I knew it was Trump country but never saw rampant partisanship like I saw on Saturday. Scary days.


  2. Sadly true
    This is the only time I’ve seen that particular thing. Not even in Lynchburg which is a very conservative part of the state. Home of Liberty University.


  3. Burning crosses were a Klan specialty. I don’t think the three crosses are. I’m concerned about the link of the cross as a flag pole because of the possible symbolism that only Christians are true patriots.


    1. Parts of the Old Dominion, Northern VA, Hampton Roads, Richmond area, and many college towns are Blue and have carried the state for the Democrats at the federal (president, both Senators, and a few congressmen) and state level (all 3 top executive positions and the legislature). I have driven around a lot of Virginia this past year and last week’s trucks in Front Royal were the first that I have seen.

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      1. Well, Hampton Rds (not far from Hampton U, right?) doesn’t surprise me, but I am pleasantly surprised that you’re not seeing more like Front Royal. Good, so maybe things are really starting to change…


        1. Hampton Roads is both Hampton and Newport News on the peninsula and Norfolk, Va Beach, and Portsmouth on the south side where the James and York Rivers meet the Chesapeake Bay. Virginia is the first Southern state to abolish the death penalty.

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          1. I wish I could believe that that were true, but back in 1981 in Woodbridge, and even 1994 in Baltimore, it drew much more, and more hateful, attention (particularly from the old white southerners, oh, and my classmates, my age, too…), and I still look like I’m in my early thirties, according to most people, so I’m not confident that things would be much different.

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          2. I’m not sure if you saw the Minbari Monday’s post on Purity, but my being light-skinned AND recognizably Black has always been the problem, and was the main reason I swore I’d never live in The South, particularly that commonwealth, again, when I became an adult.


  4. No, I didn’t see it. You have had experiences that would not even have occurred to me. My blending comment was a generic one that most women face as they age–we become invisible–maybe that does not apply to all women.


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