Poetry Month–Poem 1

Poetry month is here once more
just like it was the year before
Limericks, sonnets, and other forms 
follow rules and the usual norms

Some poems seem to meander around
with a purpose that is seldom found
Ego poetry is not a gift
Like an unwanted guitar riff

Some like structure, some like rhyme
some think it is quite sublime
Other think of Dr. Suess
While other wonder what's the use.

I'll try to write a poem a day
Even with nothing worth while to say.

22 thoughts on “Poetry Month–Poem 1”

  1. Pat, an inspired and fun first poem of April and you touch on so many varities within the poetic form! It’s versatility is its delight! Happy Writing and each one of the 30 will say a lot! Look forward to reading them! xx

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  2. Thank you for your very kind words
    Some poems I really work on and others are sort of thrown together
    Not every poem this month will be one that has had serious thought or message behind.it.

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  3. “Poetry provides the one permissible way of saying one thing and meaning another.” –Robert Frost
    e-Quips, by contrast, has a way of writing one poem a day and ‘standing Pat.’ That’s what I call being well e-Quipped!

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