Reblog: Meet Thelonius Goat

This is a re-blog from Rick and Lavinia Ross’s Salmon Farm Blog. I think that Thelonius may be a time traveler from the constellation, Capricorn.

“So, while things are budding out and getting underway this month, we will emerge from our Gopher Hole of tales from about the farm, and tell the story of a goat.  Not just any goat, but one that could have come straight from the imagination of Ray Bradbury or Rod Serling.  We encountered this very unusual animal during one of our travels up to Washington in 2005.  Ladies and Gentlemen, I present to you the story of Thelonious Goat.”

Thelonius Goat from the blog

22 thoughts on “Reblog: Meet Thelonius Goat”

      1. No bud Salmon Brook Farms is on my bucket list. She planted a sequoia tree when she found out my son was killed while serving in the Marines. She did the same for Derrick when his son died too.

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  1. What a lovely tribute. I knew about Micheal, of course, but not Derrick’s son. Did his son die while on active duty also? Isn’t it funny how we all get to know each other through our blogging?

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      1. That’s cool, Lavinia. I’m much more a fan of classic jazz than of avant-garde jazz, so if I were a goat, I too would be turned off by Thelonious Monk, milk-wise (come to think of it, I am an old goat!).

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