Blame It on the Zombie–Poem 2

I tried to write a Zombie poem
but all my thoughts went numb
Maybe the Zombie ate my brain
which is why this poem is dumb.

Last night while I was fast asleep,
he dined upon my brains
leaving a mass of noodled thoughts
like limp spaghetti strains

17 thoughts on “Blame It on the Zombie–Poem 2”

  1. Thanks, Priscilla. I was looking forward to you reading it and hopefully commenting. This will be as close as I will ever get to writing a Zombie poem since I am not a follower of the genre generally.

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  2. That’s what you get for forgetting to eat garlic, rub garlic into your body, and encircle your bed with garlic before retiring for the night. Failure to follow these simple precautions is inexcusable inexpiable, and inexpooable.

    Nonetheless, have a nice day.

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