What Bird Species Are Near You?

Carolina Wren hatchling from our back porch last year

There is a new and rather amazing internet tool for learning the probability of birds likely to be found currently within your ZIP code area.

Go to michaelfogleman.com/birds, enter your ZIP code and hit update.

You will be given the probability of a species having been reported there during the chosen month.

You can click on a species to find out where best to find it during the selected month, a very cool service indeed. This works for any ZIP code in the U.S.

This service was created by Michael Fogleman, a North Carolina birder who used historical data of sightings reported to the listing service eBird, a service of the Cornell Lab of Ornithology.

For instance, on March 23 for ZIP 55391, there was a predicted 26% chance of seeing a hooded merganser within 10 miles of my ZIP boundaries. In February my chance was 0.4%.

My response included 113 possible species in 55391 on this date.

My Source:  Research Buzz, April 1, 2021

I tried this for April and May for Charlottesville, VA and got different results for each search.

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