Rest in Peace, Midway Maddy

Midway Maddy has been one my favorite and most frequent celebrities to interview. Now Sirius does have a new dog star. With deep sadness, I share my friend, Bonnie’s email about Maddy, who passed away on May 6, 2021.

It is with incredible sadness that I am writing to let you know that our Maddy was killed earlier this morning.  Nancy took Maddy out for her morning walk, and Maddy was attacked by an Alaskan husky.  Nancy was able to get Maddy away from the larger dog, but Maddy died on the way to the hospital.

Maddy has been Nancy’s emotional support animal since 2010 when Nancy’s husband died in a tragic accident.  Recently Maddy has had medical issues, and several weeks ago she had two surgeries.  We all had our fingers crossed, and Maddy came through.  After the surgeries, Maddy and Nancy were livelier and happier than they had been in months because of the success of the medical treatments.

Maddy has accompanied Nancy for five years to the Midway.  Maddy even went through Docent training with Nancy, and she has been adored by many of the staff and volunteers.  Even when Nancy took Maddy out for comfort breaks, guests would come up and ask to take a photograph of Maddy or ask to have their picture taken with Maddy.  This past Wednesday, Nancy and Maddy passed 2,000 volunteer hours, and Nancy and Maddy had their picture taken by the Midway photographers.  It was so precious!  

Maddy and Nancy have been inseparable.  When Nancy  broke her arm last year, Maddy was in the ambulance and in the Emergency Room.  She would have been in the operating room, too, but Nancy sent her home.

As you can imagine, Nancy is having a really tough time.  Tonight, Nancy has two of her relatives staying with her, and several of the library volunteers have also volunteered to be with her.  Please keep our Nancy in your prayers.

19 thoughts on “Rest in Peace, Midway Maddy”

  1. Oh my God! This is awful. Having read about her and the “interviews” you did with her, I feel like I know the dog. It’s so sad. My condolences to Nancy and all of the folks who knew and loved her well.

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  2. From Wendy, my fellow East Coast Midway Volunteer.
    Her little spirit will live on in her Midway community. That same community will help Nancy through this tough time.


  3. Midway Maddy captured all our hearts in the museum library, as well as all guests who were fortunate enough to meet her and her faithful companion, Nancy. A true “Pup Star,” may she Rest in Peace.

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