Where Mankind Goes, Does Trash Follow?

We've conquered Mt Everest
and left discarded oxygen tanks.
refuse, dead bodies,
and now the COVID virus.

We've been to the Moon
and left more than foot prints in the dust.
Flags, golf balls, and maybe a Rover or two.

We've been to space
and left thousands of items of space junk.
Occasionally Space sends it  
hurtling back at us.

We have polluted our rivers with heavy metals,
our air with toxic vapors,
our airwaves with misinformation,
our oceans with plastic and other debris.

Prior civilizations have left artifacts behind.
We learn from examining them
and we call it archeology.

What will future people learn about us
from the trash we leave behind?
And what will they call it?

25 thoughts on “Where Mankind Goes, Does Trash Follow?”

  1. I recall hearing once (not sure if this is true) that archaeologists find trash heaps a particularly good source of artifacts from a civilization. It makes sense. But also, what does it say if we turn everything into a trash heap, including Mt, Everest and the moon?

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    1. We have a disposible society. I suppse things were too valuable back then to use once and then discard. We did learn a lot about the past from trash heaps. I shudder to think what they might learn about us.

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