13 thoughts on “Bulls-Eye in the Glass”

    1. Priscilla, it took about 2 weeks to get an appointment and cost about $500. Had to be done to pass inspection. We were in the zone crusing along 64 when reality struck like a rock.


    1. GP, the technician at Safelite said if they tried to repair, it probably wouldn’t work because they would have had to fill each of the many tiny cracks that made up the bulls-eye. Because of it’s central location, we didn’t want to do that. At another time, my husband had a small crack on his windshield repaired and despite the commercial saying that the repair is invisible, the one he had was still visible. The rock struck with enough force to disturb the seal of the windshield. When we took it through a pressurized wash, the windshield leaked. After a new windshield, no more leak.

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