In Defense of Hobby Blogs and a Question.

From Is Hobby Blogging Still Relevant by Polly Kay

A hobby blog is essentially a blog that is set up and populated with content for the blogger’s personal enjoyment as a hobby, rather than to promote goods or services, or as a moneymaking endeavour to earn a meaningful income from the blog itself.

Hobby blogs can of course be monetised too, and many are – but the main purpose of a hobby blog is to provide a platform for the blog’s author to talk about whatever is of interest to them, the things that they find important, or news that they want to share.

Hobby Blogs (such as this one) have fallen out of fashion. Experts like Cristian Mihai decry them and strongly recommend that to be successful, a blogger needs to find a niche that she is both knowledgeable and passionate about. For me that could be libraries or the military/veterans or poetry or nature or personal observations, or…..

Most of you do write blogs based upon your interest or interests. Those blogs work for you. If you do not like what you are doing, why do it? They run the gamut

(The blogs listed here are blogs that I enjoy reading and do not reflect all of the excellent blogs out there, whether I read them or not I selected a few diverse blogs that are produced regularly or frequently, if any of you are wondering or care.)

Blogs that I read and might consider to be Hobby Blogs because of the diversity of topics that they cover include Seoul Sister by Judy Kim or Brothers Campfire by Benjamin Thiel. I consider Omnia Caelum Blogs: Poetry Art Music by Francisco Bravo Cabrera to be a hybrid blog because it covers a diversity of things within the fields of poetry, art, and music with a few personal essays occasionally in the mix. This opinion is mine and any blogger may or may not agree with it.

Four reasons why Hobby Blogs still have a place:

  1. Fills the need of the blogger to write and share
  2. Fills the need for readers who like reading about a diversity of topics and points of view
  3. Crosses niches so you get exposed to things you were not aware of
  4. Chances of serendipity–happy accidents, like browsing a bookshelf in a library.

Now I have a question for you–I’m trying to straddle a fence here. Should I start a second eQuips Poetry blog that would be limited to just poetry?

41 thoughts on “In Defense of Hobby Blogs and a Question.”

  1. I started my blog as part of my self-publishing project, but I soon realized I had only so much to say about my books and writing in general. So I started including posts about my garden. That had the bonus of pictures. I can’t say the blog has been a moneymaker in any sense, and that’s fine with me. I now value it more for the connections it’s helped me make and all the interesting blogs I’ve found. If that’s “hobby blogging,” so be it. (Why is it that the word “hobby” is inherently derogatory?)
    I hope you don’t find it necessary to start another blog just for poetry. I love reading your poems along with your thoughts on life, and doing the word quizzes too. And I suspect juggling two blogs might be a pain.
    And thank you for mentioning and providing a link to my blog!

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    1. Thanks, Audrey. I’ve noticed that some people read the poems that do not read the other posts. Hobby is rather a dismissive term. This “hobby” can take a bit of time each day, more to connect with other bloggers than to write a post. Thanks for taking the time to comment.

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    1. John, I wanted some feedback on whether there was enough interest in just the poetry since some readers primarily read the poems that do not read the other posts. Experts that just dismiss Hobby blogs, I do not listen to. I’m not blogging to make money (which is probably a good thing).


  2. Thank you Pat for mentioning my blog in this very interesting article. I must say that I always enjoy reading your blog and others considered hobby blogs. Personally I would not label blogs and I take the description of the blog’s writer valid. And Pat, I agree with Salsaworld, do what you want, what you think is right. Experts are not needed here. This is a great world, blogosphere, free and guided only by our will and conscience as bloggers. Take good care and all the best!

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  3. I like the diversity between poetry, humor, picture-heavy explorations from your neck of the woods in VA, and personal thoughts on stuff. So my vote is no on starting a poetry-only blog, but it’s YOUR blog(s), so do what you like.

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  4. I primarily read poetry in blogs, based on the fact that I follow too many and have limited time and that’s my primary interest. 🙂 However, not all the blogs I follow are poetry-centric, and often I find if I enjoy the poetry I more than likely enjoy the other writings. When time isn’t as pressing I read the non-poetry posts, too (like this post). When time is, I can skip or save it to come back to. It isn’t hard to skip a post I don’t feel I have the time to read. Maybe everyone doesn’t feel that way and you are not getting the poetry-only readers, but the question for you is getting your poetry out there a major focal point of your blogging?

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    1. Thanks for your thoughtful response. Poetry is one of the easiest things for me to write so it is a great filler. I find that the poems I write in the moment they inspire are the often the best recieved.

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      1. You’re welcome. Raw feeling from the moment register well with people. They are also often the quickest read, so people aren’t so quick to zoom past. They hit fewer people’s tl:dr levels.


  5. Yours is the only blog I have ever read (except for looking at a few items that you have re-posted over the years), so I am a poor one to say what a “hobby” blog should look like. In fact, given that your blog is a sample of one, I assumed that other blogs were pretty much the same. I’ve always liked reading what you post, especially when you write about things that I haven’t given much thought to. I imagine it would be much less interesting if you stuck to one theme. So, no, don’t spin off a poetry blog unless you plan to keep posting an occasional poem here too.

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    1. No, not really, well, ok, yes, but I have gotten no comments on the other one, and so I merely Like anyone who Likes my posts there from this blog, and that seems to work. I use the other one only as a re-post blog, not for new content.
      Even so, it’s more work than I’d like.
      But I keep it up in order to cast as wide a net as possible for the work I’m trying to do, which I hope will build a respectable following over the next year or more.
      Not for enjoyment, but for duty, if that matters (so I do not do it as a hobby, but rather as part of my life’s work, which I suppose is still for my own fulfillment, or sense of purpose…).

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  6. While I write my own blog specifically to showcase my writing and historical endeavors, I find great pleasure in reading the many hobby blogs out there, including yours. I always find them interesting, I often learn something, and they are a nice break away from the crazy of the world! 🙂

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  7. I can only speak for myself but .. YES! ABSOLUTELY! I have 5 other blogs – all completely separate! And wildly different too! Some abandoned, then retrieved then … who knows what! Just creative outlets for me … and not trying to put a square peg (say, poetry) into a round hole (say photography!) Just me … LOL! But they are all based on a creative outlet and … trying to surprise myself! Keep on blogging, no matter what!

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  8. I never even knew what I do is called a Hobby Blog, so I’ve learnt something there. As for your question about starting another separate blog for poetry I can see where you’re coming from, but IMHO I’d leave it as it is.
    Personally, I don’t go looking for poetry blogs as poetry isn’t a passion of mine, but I often come across poetry in someone’s blog that has other content, and I’ve really enjoyed reading some of them. This is how and why I read some of yours. Hope that helps

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  9. Easymalc, I’ve read your blog and it seems to me to be a travel blog with history thrown in for info and as it works for you (This is a personal opinion.) You consider your blog to be whatever works for you. Thanks for taking the time to comment. Right now, I’ll maintain the status quo with my blog.


  10. I’ve started (and stopped) a couple of second blogs over the years, and would not recommend it. Starting from scratch with zero subscribers is hard work, and, I find, disheartening. Even recently I’ve been thinking of a 2nd one focusing on nature, but decided just to blog more on nature on my existing one. I reckon more poetry on eQuips would be perfect!

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  11. I remember some of your other ones too, and good they were. Poetry is one of the easiest things for me to write so I’ll stick with one, for now, using poetry as I am so moved. Thanks for responding. You include so much really good nature (Belgium is an obliging country to write on that topic) that I think that is a wise decision.


  12. Should e-Quips start a poetry blog?
    Go for it, as long as the blog isn’t a ‘dog’….
    Unless the dog is a cross acrostic chihuahua
    ’cause i like short poems that make me go ha ha


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