The Woes of Woo

She really understand me, and that’s not easy.” –Brian


1. seek the favor, support, or custom of

2. try to gain the love of (someone), especially with a view to marriage.

Liz said she loves the “State of Woo”. She never defined exactly what that is but it seems to be when two individuals meet and are attracted to each other. Each day is a wonderful discovery into an unknown package of delights. You want to know what is in the package and unwrap each layer with anticipation and appreciation. Inevitably you fall out of woo and reality seeps in.

His tender looks start to glaze over or develop an acquisitive gleam.

Her soft laughter turns from trilling to shrilling.

What once enchants eventually annoys.

As projection of perfection morphs into perceived realities the idealized one no more exists.

Focus shifts from no faults to magnified imperfections.

Many people flee the decay of their fantasies without waiting to see if its replacement may be a more worthy object of affection.

Enjoy it while it lasts; the sun will set on the state of woo.

10 thoughts on “The Woes of Woo”

    1. They are with the right person. My friend, who now has a wonderful husband who treats her very well, had had a series of unfortunate admirers who once they fell out of the state of woo, treated her badly. At times I wondered which would be hypothetically worse, if her stories were true or if she were exaggerating.


  1. Idealizing love so much, has its consequences when you discover that not all that glitters is gold. Living together as a couple has its consequences when empathy ends. It is a pleasure to read you. Greetings

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  2. Hopefully words like love, support, tolerance, laughter, great memories. Shared experiences. That’s what I have most days. πŸ‘πŸ€ͺπŸ€“πŸ€―πŸ€”πŸ€΄πŸΈ


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