From Janine Strange: Mission 53: Card for WWII Veteran’s 100th Birthday

Happy 100th Birthday, DT! DT Measells has a BIG birthday coming up … and YOU are invited to send him a card!  His family is having a party for him on June 26th, and they will give him all the cards on that day. You’ve got about a month to work on this one!  About DT: DT grew up on a farm outside Jackson, MS. During WWII he was a fighter pilot and flew over 50 missions in Japan.  After the war, he came back to MS, married his beautiful wife of almost 70 years, Imo. Imo turned 95 in February and they still live on their own in Jackson Mississippi. after the war DT spent the next 40 years has a teacher, with the last 20 years as the principal at Wingfield HS in Jackson.  Please send your cards by June 20th.  Just like all missions, don’t keep this to yourself!! Know of students, friends, family, neighbors, co-workers who you think would like to participate? Share away! Let’s flood his day with gratitude and love and make this his best year yet! 🇺🇸🎁 MAIL TO:  DT Measells, c/o John McCarren 5410 Sandell Court Dunwoody, GA, 30338

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