National Rose’ Day–Second Saturday is June

Do you think Pink and look at life through Rose’ colored glasse?

National Rosé Day is an annual holiday that falls on the second Saturday in June every year. The holiday lines up almost exactly with the beginning of summer, thus National Rosé Day gives you a good excuse to get out of the house and enjoy the warm, sunny weather. For 2021, National Rosé Day will take place on June 12.

  • oldest known type of wine, dating back to 600 BC
  • colors vary, lighter than red wine and darker than white wine
  • pink color comes from the amount of time the skins spend in contact with the juice
  • wines can be semi-sparkling or sparkling
  • differing intensity levels of sweetness and dryness
Looking at  life through rose' colored glasses
bestows joy and peace as the rose passes
your lips and slips down your throat
releasing laughter and a quip worthy quote

Today's forecast: sunny with a chance of wine. 

12 thoughts on “National Rose’ Day–Second Saturday is June”

  1. 💜 SHIRAZ!!! or Any Other Full Body; no Skinny Body póùr mòí s’íl vòús pláìt tòút lé móndè


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    1. Years ago, we would go to a 9-hole golf course for lunch. They offered a white wine (probably chardonnay), white zinfandel, and red wine (possibly cabernet sauvignon). When we would ask for white wine, half the time the Trixie behind the counter would give us the white zin. We went for the convenience, not the ambiance or the wine cellar.

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