The Wonder of Libraries

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“When I got library card, that was when my life began.”
Rita Mae Brown

Do you recall the first time you stepped into a library? I do. I felt like I had entered Nirvana. All those books, and I could borrow them for free! I would pick out a stack of books to take home to the farm, read them and the next time we came to town, return them and bring home another stack.

16 thoughts on “The Wonder of Libraries”

  1. I realize that I was lucky,. I got to do everything (and more) than I ever imagined, but we do not spend all day reading, despite what people think. People also do not understand why we need a master’s degree since all we do all day is sit around reading books.

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  2. Of course not. In fact, I doubt you have time to read during working hours. You help people find books, you decide what books to order for the library, you put the books returned away etc. etc. I have always been amazed at how busy librarians are. But you are surrounded by books and that would be just wonderful. And people who love books!

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  3. Yes, and nowadays you need to maintain the online system that tracks the books your purchase, catalog, circulate, deaccession, and many libraries now have links for patron input like reviews and recommendations–plus all of those databases and online books, journals, and finding aids.

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  4. I’ve always been around books, at home, in libraries, and in book shops, so it’s impossible to recall the “first” time I was in a library. I’ve always felt comfortable there, and have felt a sense of discovery as soon as I wandered in the stacks. I get a serendipidous pleasure out of finding something that I didn’t know I had been looking for.

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  5. I’ve never seen a better cowbird in my 40+ years of being a librarian. You are one of the most intuitive library people I have ever seen and that includes many people with MLS and DLS degrees.

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  6. I don’t know if I remember my first ever library visit, but I definitely remember early visits to the Cedar Rapids library with my dad. I always adored the place with the shelves and shelves of books, all that seem so tall when you’re a little kid! And I’ve been an avid library visitor ever since. One of the first things I did when we moved to Valparaiso, before our moving truck even arrived, was get a library card 🙂

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  7. You should go on Jeopardy! I’ve noticed that librarians often do well on that show. BTW, I resemble that remark about the quiet bookworm — I haven’t washed my mind in years, so no doubt it’s even dirtier than the shower-once-a-year rest of me.

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    1. I’ve taken the Jeopardy test multiple times and do not think I’ve ever passed. I know I have never been contacted for the next step. Hope your dirty mind does not result in a ring around the collar. 🙂

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