One Road–Five Different Emotive Responses

Route 20, the Constitution Highway, passes in front of James Madison’s Montpelier estate. Arching trees cover both sides of the highway, so large that the outstretched branches reach across the road as if to shake hands. Depending upon

  • your mood
  • the weather
  • the season

It can be

  • welcoming
  • beautiful
  • foreboding
  • spiritual
  • historical

The cool green tunnel of leaves provided a welcome, if temporary, respite from the harsh July sunshine.

The sunlight filtered through the arched green canopy like nature’s cathedral with backlit green, deep gray shadows, and pools of golden sunshine laying across the macadam creating the illusion of a stained glass window.

The wind moaned through the trees as if the ghosts of the enslaved have been given tongues.

The thunderstorm ripped away the leaves, leaving the grasping skeletal branches heaving up to the heavens as if in supplication. Have mercy on us. Spare our limbs.

A vivid rug of cardamon, tobacco, butterscotch, and aubergine leaves carpeted the highway, deadening the sound of our wheels, like it had done since the time of coaches and wagons.

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