Reblog: Janine Stange’s Mission 54–Another WWII Veteran is turning 100!

Happy 100th Birthday, Ed! I hope you had a great 4th of July!  As many of you saw on my Facebook post last week, DT Measells had an amazing 100th Birthday! He received over 1,100 cards from all of YOU!  THANK YOU to all who took the time to send a card!  Scroll down for a recap and photo of DT, his wife Imo, and ALL of his birthday cards. Now here is your next mission:  WWII and Korean War Veteran Ed Hyatt has a BIG birthday coming up … and YOU are invited to send him a card!  His family is having a party for him on August 7th, and they will give him all the cards on that day. You’ve got about a month to work on this one!  About Ed:   Ed grew up in Louisiana and graduated from LSU. He joined the Army in 1944 and was the artillery officer of the 43rd Tank Battalion which was part of Patton’s Seventh Army.  Ed made it home in January of 1946, and went into the Army Reserves.  In 1950, he was recalled to serve stateside as a communications instructor during the Korean War. He served until 1953. After the wars, Ed worked for Borden Milk Company and became the assistant controller for their division in Houston, TX. Ed was married to his wife Marie for 69 years. She passed in 2013. He now lives in Orange, TX near his daughter and son-in-law. Please send your cards by August 5th.  Just like all missions, don’t keep this to yourself!! Know of students, friends, family, neighbors, co-workers who you think would like to participate? Share away! Let’s flood his day with gratitude and love and make this his best year yet!  Their birthday party theme is 100 years and counting!! 🇺🇸🎁 MAIL TO:  Mr. Ed Hyatt c/o Ron & Susan Jones 2216 Woodmont Drive Orange, TX 77632
Mission 53: COMPLETE! DT Measells 100th Birthday! WOW!!!!! What a way to celebrate 100 years!! WWII Fighter Pilot DT Measells received OVER 1,100 birthday cards from all of YOU!  I received this message from his son-in-law John: DT was so overwhelmed by everything! It was the best 100th Birthday ever! Mayor Lynn Deutsch arranged a drive-by from the entire police and firefighters, and gave him a key to the city! Thanks to everyone who sent in cards, he’s going to have a LOT of reading to keep him busy! Thank you to JANINE’S TEAM and Phlash Phelps for helping DT feel all the love and gratitude he deserves!! Watch a video of the parade / party here.
EVERGREEN MISSION for Veteran’s Last Patrol:
This was our 51st mission, but we decided to keep it going: Veteran’s Last Patrol’s mission is to serve veterans by bringing new friendships, honor ceremonies, & emergency assistance while in hospice care. The organization is averaging a veteran’s honor ceremony a week all over the country. At each ceremony they like to give a bunch of thank you cards to the veteran being honored. Here’s your mission! Write out generic thank you cards to veterans and send them to Veteran’s Last Patrol. They will make bundles from the cards they receive and present them to our veterans. Use whatever you’d like: thank you cards, scenic cards, postcards … or better yet… MAKE cards and write notes of gratitude. Keep in mind these are for are for elderly and/or ailing veterans. Dear Veteran, Dear Hero as your salutation will work. Have children, students, young artists?? 🎨 Get them involved! Our veterans would love bright patriotic pictures, military branch logos, whatever they are inspired to create! Do you manage a group of people at your company? This is a meaningful office project too! If you’re sending more than one card (which is encouraged) no need to send each one individually – send them all in one envelope/package. Send them to: Veteran’s Last Patrol 140B Venture Blvd Spartanburg, SC, 29306 ATTN: Honor Ceremony Cards
This is an evergreen mission. So send a bunch as soon as you can, but feel free to continue this project on your own and / or involve more people.

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