Reblog: Janine’s Mission 55

Happy 90th Birthday, Joe!
I know I usually say that missions are sent out about once a month, but it’s a busy summer of milestone birthdays – and I know you all can handle it! 🙂 ☀️🇺🇸🌼 Thanks to all who have been sending cards to Ed Hyatt (mission 54) – our WWII / Korean War veteran who celebrates his 100th Birthday on August 7th.  If you missed that email – and want to participate, all info is here.  Once his family sends photos from the party I will share them!  Now here is mission 55:   Korean War Veteran Joe Butkus  has a BIG birthday coming up … and YOU are invited to send him a card!  His family is having a party for him on August 16th, and they will give him all the cards on that day. So depending where you are in the country, try to get your cards in the mail before August 12th.  About Joe:   Joe is a master wood worker, mechanic and all around good guy. He served in Korea, as part of the 84th Engineer Construction Battalion. He worked on the Libby Bridge. It was noted for being the only permanent concrete bridge built during the winter during wartime. It’s known as an outstanding feat under adverse conditions. The bridge is named after Sgt George D. Libby , the first Medal of Honor recipient of the Korean War.  Joe is a proud veteran and still attends his reunions every year.  His whole family is involved in helping vets and families in need.  In fact, they participated in last year’s Holiday Salute Card drive for veterans in hospice care. MAIL YOUR CARDS TO:
Joe Butkus
c/o Mary Ellen Hart
1868 North Benson Rd
Fairfield, Ct. 06824 Please send your cards by August 12th.  Just like all missions, don’t keep this to yourself!! Know of students, friends, family, neighbors, co-workers who you think would like to participate? Share away! Let’s flood his day with gratitude and love and make this his best year yet!  

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