Wine and Waves

Drinking wine is like a trip to the beach

  • Sometimes wine gently lifts you up and then sets you down on your feet like standing in waist-high water just before the surf breaks, where you bob safely up and down on the gentle swells.
  • Other times wine takes you on an exhilarating journey where you emerge energized and feeling keenly alive from the wave rush to shore.
  • Some wines take you past your depths before thrashing you to the ground, battered and hungover.
  • Then there are the wines that are like rip currents, taking you to places and memories you do not want to visit, but without the ability to escape from the relentless pull.

What kind of wine trip do you like?

37 thoughts on “Wine and Waves”

  1. When it comes to any kind of imbibing, I definitely prefer gentle bobbing or exhilaration to anything that results in a hangover or bad memories. To me, wine is best when part of a meal, or at least accompanying eats of some sort. And with good company, or at least a good book.

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  2. πŸ’œ Red Wine is Pure Energy for Me EveryOne Drinking ALL Day; certainly wouldn’t advise Driving or Operating Dangerous Machinery while Drunk on Red Wine or On Any Other Substance like Drugs…it is NEVER!!! The Substance; it is ALWAYS!!! The Mood which is Enhanced by The Substance


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    1. Doesn’t getting old take a lot of fun out of life? I’m not sure that wisdom makes up for the ability to enjoy fewer things. At least we can still drink wine. I like how you phrased that.

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  3. Wine is our national drink in Spain, I would say. We’ve so many varieties and types that they are uncountable, and all very very good. In Spain we do not import wine from anywhere, only in some special stores will you find French or Italian wine, but no one buys it. I love the wine that caresses you like a cool summer breeze when it’s 37 degrees in the shade… In summer we always drink cold wine.,whether red, rose or white… Of course we also leave time for our gin tonics, aperol spritz and cold beers! We’re a kingdom of drinkers but we rarely get drunk. Salut!

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  4. I like to imbibe on a lovely sunny afternoon listening to the waves lapping gently on the shore before the weather changes and throws me head -first into the maelstrom that seems to follow far too often. I know – I should have left before the weather changed.

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