You Can’t Talk Sense to Your Inner Toddler

About age two, that previously sweet baby learns the power of the word NO! It may be followed by “Don’t touch that”, but once the child hears NO, he realizes that he must obey or refuse. Refusal seems the more instinctive reaction.

Fast forward to the teen years. NO returns from both parents and teens. Whereas the toddler results to tantrums, teens yell and slam doors or they go passive/aggressive with sighs, rolling eyes, and shoulder shrugs. “Whatever” becomes a standard response of disdain.

Then came the pandemic which has turned many adults back into teens or toddlers. “You’re not the boss of me,” they metaphorically shout to anyone that recommends or mandates ideas ranging from masks and social distancing to getting a vaccine. Instead of the passive/aggressive response of many teenagers, they respond with fistfights on airplanes, sermons from pulpits and government buildings, and disregard for previously respected scientists and medical professionals. The only winner is the mutating COVID virus.

I'll do it when I'm ready
You're not the boss of me
You'll never be able to show me
 things I don't want to see

Why do you always tell me
the things I need to do?
You can talk till the cows come home
you're message will not get through.

I'd rather die than listen
to things I know aren't true
At least what I read on the Internet
is not advice from you.

This is supposed to be
the land of the brave and the free
So I'll keep on doing just what I want
'cause you're not the boss of me.

I'll continue doing
what I believe is best
Even if it kills me
But I'm willing to take that test.

22 thoughts on “You Can’t Talk Sense to Your Inner Toddler”

  1. Very well summarised Pat. It seems that there are so many biochemist and microbiologists out there that, not even knowing what a vaccine is are affirming they are dangerous, experimental and ineffective. I would never have believed that people, so many people, would be so stupid. The only solution is for the government to mandate vaccination and then like it or not, everyone will be inoculated and we can finally get rid of this virus. Have a great weekend! 😊

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    1. I’ve stopped getting your replies again for some reason, but I check them out anyway. This one reminds me of a time I was in my local airport where a family sat next to us in the bar were taking their youngsters on the trip of a lifetime to Lapland to meet Father Christmas. We couldn’t help but overhear the conversation, and it surprised me when they went up to get another round of drinks at the same time as there was an announcement asking for the last remaining passengers for Lapland to hurry to the gate as the plane was about to leave. I did the right thing of course and mentioned the fact to the family. The mother’s response? Well, they’ll just have to wait.

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