When the Inner Toddler Has the Power

From the New York Times Notes on the News, 31 July

PSA: Wear your seatbelt.

“Americans drove about 13% less last year due to the pandemic. But traffic deaths rose by more than 7% compared with 2019. More drivers aren’t wearing seatbelts, with the number of unbuckled traffic deaths rising 15%, and fatalities in which vehicle occupants were ejected rising 20% compared with 2019. The reversal of a decade-long trend toward increased seatbelt adoption is one that Ken Kolosh, statistics manager at the nonprofit National Safety Council, says has come about in part because people engaged in risky behaviors such speeding and driving under the influence as a response to collective pandemic stress.” “

The Inner Toddler senses another opportunity to shout “You’re not the boss of me. You can’t force me to follow your COVID mandates and you can’t force me to buckle up!”

What else will this self-centered tyke do because he/she finds out that almost anything is possible?

  • Refuse to wear a helmet when riding a bike or motorcycle?
  • Refuse to wear shoes or shirt when entering a restaurant?
  • Refuse to be evicted from wherever they have burrowed in?
  • Refuse to accept an election result?

21 thoughts on “When the Inner Toddler Has the Power”

  1. Luisa has said what I was about to say Pat. The only hope is that the driver who has chosen not to wear the seat belt is the only fatality. That’s not the whole story of course, and there are similarities in your post with those who won’t have the Covid vaccination.

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