Litmus Test

Litmus paper A strip of paper that is chemically treated with a dye named litmus. This strip is placed in the liquid whose pH is being determined. The use of litmus paper, which is red at any pH less than 5 and blue at any pH greater than 8, allows an inspector to determine only whether a solution is acidic or basic.

Maybe instead of flying outdated political signs, why don’t we just plant hydrangeas in the color of our political preferences? At the end of each season, the flowers fade and may fall off so we don’t have to see them again until the following spring. If you change you allegiance from Blue to Red or vice versa, change the composition of the soil around the hydrangeas. For the few that are can still see both sides of an argument, hydrangeas can accommodate that also. A whole new spin on Flower Power.

Do I vote blue
or do I vote red
Just examine
the hydrangea head

It will tell you 
all you need to know
You may call them
I told you so.

Thanks to Audrey Driscoll for the idea.

31 thoughts on “Litmus Test”

          1. None in Spain, we’ve the Socialist Workers Party in RED, the Popular Party in Blue and the Podemos (Communists) in purple, the Leftist Republican (Catalan) Party in Yellow, the right wing Vox Party in Neon Green and a million other regional parties, I would imagine one of them is white but I don’t know…

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          2. It’s because of the system, ours is parliamentary and delegates get elected according to the percentage of votes their party gets. We think we’re voting for a candidate but we’re really voting for the party, once a party has a majority the candidate has to be invested by a vote in Parliament. Even if he/she won the popular vote, he/she has to have enough delegates to win in Parliament, if not the King will ask for another candidate from the same party, if that one cannot get enough votes either, then the King can ask for a new election or for a coalition to be formed. Then the King can officially recognise the government. Remember, Spain is not a republic, we are a Kingdom and the King is the head of state and head of the military forces…

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          3. Yes, it’s easier to get rid of bad governments sometime, especially if the opposition is able to u ite in votes, they approve a motion to censure and the ruling party has to either call for new elections or step down.

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