August 9 is National Book Lovers Day

Book Lovers Day is celebrated on August 9 every year. This is an unofficial holiday observed to encourage bibliophiles to celebrate reading and literature. People are advised to put away their smartphones and every possible technological distraction and pick up a book to read.

Can you think of a better way “to celebrate than by diving into a book that’s set in a library or bookstore. From inspiring novels about the power of reading to stories of unique bookshops around the world, these titles will appeal to anyone who’s ever gotten lost in a good book. Read on to see what you should pick up next.”

What book are you reading today?

27 thoughts on “August 9 is National Book Lovers Day”

  1. I’ve just finished reading L’Anomalie by Hervé Le Tellier (currently a best-seller in France and winner of the Goncourt Prize for 2020) and am about to start reading Stendhal’s Vie de Rossini.

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  2. Lovely. I’m reading a story of the LA Library fire, called The Library Book by Susan Orlean. It’s coincidently one of the titles included in the list of books set in libraries and book stores.

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  3. Where would we be without books? Reading is one of the most enjoyable things we can all do. It doesn’t matter if we can’t walk, we can still read, and even people who can’t see can still read thanks to Braille. At the moment, I’m not reading a book, I’m reading your post Pat 🙂

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  4. I usually read 2 or 3 books at a time, of which one is a thriller – the latter is usually in one ear, out the other! The most intriguing right now is “The Constant Gardener” by John Le Carré.

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    1. No, she’s not from any of my books. This is an all new story. I was briefly inspired by Phyllis Diller (Dilly) who called her husband Fang in her comedy routines. But before I got started writing the new serial, I couldn’t see my character in that age group. So Dilly is still a little undefined, but she’ll get there.

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