Just When I Thought to Get Back in the Pool

Just when I thought to go back to the pool
I realized that I was just being a fool
COVID is rising
It's too enterprising
And we are it's unwitting tool

In June we thought  we were going to win
Return to our lifestyles--let the good times begin
COVID was slicker
Humans got sicker
Back to mask mandates again

This time I'm weary cause I've done this before
I really don't want to go through this once more
COVID's gone delta
Only vaccines can help ya
Please get one, I beg and implore.

34 thoughts on “Just When I Thought to Get Back in the Pool”

    1. Bookworm, that is way too true. Even the news that the variant is spreading and more deadly among the unvaccinated only seems to change a few people’s minds. Usually the people that are in the hospital with COVID. ðŸ˜Ķ

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  1. Beautiful poem and heartfelt request , which, unfortunately, will not influence those who do not want to listen. Even in Italy the majority of people in hospital are not vaccinated, but it seems that the ranks of anti waxxers are not decreasing

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  2. More wise words Pat, but no doubt they’ll fall on a lot of deaf ears. What bothers me is that those who refused to be vaccinated are being cared for in hospital with Covid while those who desperately need treatment for other serious problems can’t get anywhere near the place. Perhaps it’s about time the rest of us took to the streets in the cause of common sense.

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  3. This poem is playful and serious and brilliant all at once. “COVID is rising/It’s too enterprising/And we are it’s unwitting tool.” It also gives me pause about signing up again to use our local public pool… We clearly haven’t done a good enough job educating ourselves and each other about how science works. For example. fewer vaccinations overall allow the virus to spread more widely and mutate into possibly even more virulent strains. Argh! What has stuck with me in recent days is someone — a doctor, a nurse, an EMT? — who said something like, “Why do you come to our hospital — which functions on a foundation of scientific knowledge — for treatment if you didn’t believe enough in science to get vaccinated in the first place? I am amazed that unvaccinated folks who need treatment in hospitals are not being turned away. It is yet another example of folks (many of whom are the well-educated, science-respecting liberals whom others disparage…) who choose — even at the risk of compromising their own health and the health of their families! — to go high instead of go low. Deep breath in. Deep breath out.

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  4. I’m pleased that you liked the poem. Back in the pool is a metaphor for returning to a more normal lifestyle. Your response is very erudite. The people that should read these comments are not the ones who will, What struck me today were people that will literally take horse pills (pills for horses) that are not safe for human beings because they believe these horse pills will keep them safe. Yet they will not take a vaccine that has been taken by millions of people both in the US and around the world. I do not think that it is coincidence or fake news that the vast majority of people that are in hospital and dying of Covid are the ones that refused to get the vaccine. It’s too late to change your mind if you are dying.


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