August 18 is Bad Poetry Day

This poem will not scan or rhyme
Bad poetry is not a crime
Cringe-worthy or tossed away
Better written another day
On this topic
no more to say.

History of Bad Poetry Day 

Whether using sonnets, limericks, free verse or haiku, poetry certainly has the potential to be beautiful and powerful–but it can also be very, very awful. 

Of course it’s true that beauty is in the eye of the beholder, which probably also means that the judgment of what types of poetry are bad or good are relative based on personal preference. However, in some cases, poetry can just be so bad that everyone agrees that no good can come of it! 

I should be glad
Bad poetry is just a fad
But nonetheless would like to say
I wish that it would go away.

Bad Poetry Day was created to feature poetry that is so very bad it simply needs to be paid attention to! Twitter is one platform that many people use to get their bad poetry out into the world so that everyone can enjoy hating it. 

It’s time to celebrate Bad Poetry Day! 

39 thoughts on “August 18 is Bad Poetry Day”

  1. The birthday poem from my sister last year is still next to my computer:
    “Something … something .. cake and candles …
    Something … something … possum…
    Something .. something … Happy Birthday!”
    I think you were visited by the same muse.

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  2. This one made me smile Pat. As you know, poetry isn’t my forte, although there are times when I can really embrace it, but there are also times when I could just as easily reach for that bag they put in the pouches on the back of aeroplane seats 🙂

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  3. Ha! Who knew there was a holiday for bad poetry! I’m guilty of writing plenty of awful poems but it’s very therapeutic to get your stuff out there. I love that anyone can write a poem, no matter how bad it is, it’s a very gracious art form :)!

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    1. You are too funny. OK, you want bad…. I’ll give you bad

      Roses are red, white, pink, yellow
      When I drink I get mellow
      I pick my flowers from my neighbor’s yard
      and drink cheap wine and pretend to be a bard

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