Just Published My First Short Essay on Medium

Medium is a writing platform with a variety of writers. Although this is my first written piece for Medium, I already have 57 followers. Since before today, I have never published anything on Medium but a few comments, I find it odd that anyone has found me, much less followed me. I am guessing it is to get me to follow them. (Sounds like the like-phenomenom on WordPress.)

If anyone has a surfeit of time, click here to read a short essay on White Space.

21 thoughts on “Just Published My First Short Essay on Medium”

  1. It sounds like a great idea for a budding author (writer) as long as it doesn’t cramp your own style. These days sometimes I think I’m reading stuff from an automaton.


  2. I’m more obtuse than automatron. I can’t resist a punny opportunity. Thanks for commenting. One of the topics was space so I wanted to write about white spaces– one of my favorite hobby horses.


  3. I do have an account and I did “Applaud”! Nice work. But what does MWC stand for?
    A few years ago I got myself a subscription to Medium. I never published anything but I read a lot. If you don’t buy a script you only get access to a limited number of article a month.


  4. MWC is short for something like Medium Writing Challenge. I saw the choices–do not remember what they were but when I saw space, I immediately thought of White Space which has always been one of my hobby horses. Thanks for the applause. It has been grayed out every time I look at it. If I hadn’t seen the challenge, I’m not sure when/if I would ever get around to publishing on Medium.


  5. I am sure I have, or had, an account as well. What tends to happen is that if you are connected to somebody elsewhere, and you use one of your social media accounts to sign, they might suggest you follow people you already follow elsewhere, although you might be right, and the followers might be people just wanting to up their own numbers. I have given up on all that a while back. I’ll go and check if I still have an account. Thanks for letting us know and good luck!

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    1. Medium can be valuable but I think they are not totally transparent about how they work and the number of intermediate steps to qualify for some of the advertised features (sort of like WordPress in that regard.). Thanks for commenting.


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