Past Tense Verbs-Reblog

Your tenses may give you self-identified life stage away. Geezerette, hear I come.


Older people seem to have a knack for past tense verbs. I found that out first hand by listening to myself the last few years. I have been through the whole verb evolution thing and here are a few of my observations.

As children, we tend to speak more often in the future tense. We say:

I would like to go to school.
I would like to be old enough to buy gas for my own car.
I will go to college.
I want to be a teacher.
I will write a novel someday.

In mid-life, most of us use the present tense more. We say:

I am going to school.
I am buying gas for my car.
I am going to college.
I am a teacher.
I am writing a novel.

When we get to semi-geezerdom, we often start our sentences squarely in the past tense:


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26 thoughts on “Past Tense Verbs-Reblog”

  1. I think that some of these comments are probably getting mixed up, but I better be careful just in case. Let’s put it this way, we got married in 1969, when both of us were 19 years old.

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  2. You are correct. The statements did get crossed, Malc. I’m impressed, over 50 years and I’m guessing that each of you is still on your starter spouses. I like to remind my husband of 44 years, that hopefully, he’ll be my only husband but he will always be my first husband.

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  3. Without getting too deep into what’s right or wrong about relationships, the one thing that I think we both agree on is that throughout our ups and downs, we have had a stability that is so sadly lacking nowadays. We all need to compromise and I think we’re probably closer today than we were when we started out, and you can’t put a price on that, whatever the capitalist world says

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