Another Two Missions from Janine Stange

100th Birthday Cards for a WWII Vet and Welcome Home Cards for a Vietnam Vet
Janine’s Team Mission #58!
The summer has flown by – and it was filled with so many more missions than I had expected. Which is a good thing.  Thank you for responding so quickly! You are awesome! 
Thanks to all for sending cards to Joe Butkus (90) and Ed Hyatt (100), Pat Rudd (100) and Ann Nalley (100), and Robert Mintz (90)….also the super short-notice mission that I posted to my facebook for Denny Snow (70).   When missions are completed, the families usually send over pics of these veterans (with big smiles) holding all the cards they received ! I post the those pics on my facebook, instagram, and twitter– so make sure you’re following along on your favorite platform!  You can also scroll all the way down on this email to see recaps of recently completed missions if you don’t use social media.

…and now on to Mission 58.
We’ve got two veterans: Lawrence and Michael.  Lawrence is turning 100 and we are welcoming Michael home from Vietnam (50 years later).  Both cards need to be mailed on or before 9/23…so you only have to make one trip to the mailbox!  
Janine’s Team Mission #58 (vet 1: Lawrence)
Happy 100th Birthday, Lawrence! WWII Veteran Lawrence Decker from New Mexico is turning 100 on September 30th!! I received this note from Lawrence’s friend: Shortly after graduating from High School Lawrence was drafted into the U.S. Army in 1942. He served in the infantry in North Africa, France, Italy and Germany. After the war, Lawrence returned home to his family farm in Springer, NM where he continued to ranch and farm. Lawrence was also employed by the local school district as a School bus driver.  He will be turning 100 on September 30th and we’d love to present him with cards at his party! There will be a party at his senior center on the day of his birthday, so please send your cards by September 23rd. 
Lawrence Decker
POB 928
Springer, NM 87747Keep scrolling down for our second veteran….
Janine’s Team Mission #58 (vet 2: Michael)
Welcome Home, Michael! I received this note from Michael’s son:   I am reaching out to you to let you know about my father. He is a Vietnam Veteran. He served from 1970-1971. He was discharged on September 27th 1971 at Ft. Louis in Seattle Washington. He kissed the ground when he got off the plane. He was happy to be back home. Others however, were not so happy to see him. They spit at him and called him many names, names I am too much of a gentleman to repeat. He did not understand this, after all, he had been protecting their freedom. He was drafted and was only doing what his country asked of him. To serve in the United States Army in the 23rd Infantry Americal Division, an Artillery Gunman on a 155 cannon. From the time he was asked to served, he knew life would never be the same. I never got a chance to meet the man he was before he did his duty. I only know him after. I can tell you he is a proud veteran and if asked would do it all over again for God and Country. He wears a Vietnam Veteran hat everywhere he goes and has many of his brothers come up to him and welcome him home. I am proud of my father and the man he is. I am sure you have heard the phrase, “Though I have left Vietnam, Vietnam has not left me.” These last 50 years have had their share of challenges, struggles, many surgeries, and he is a Non-Hodgkins Lymphoma Survivor. I do not know how he has done it. If I turn out to be 1/8th of the man he is, I will be doing good. MAIL YOUR CARDS TO:

Spec. 4 Bishop, Michael L12849 OakdaleSouthgate, MI 48195

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