August 31 is National Bacon Day

Which food during World War II was used in the production of bombs?

A. Bacon Grease

What can make a good meal better?
Crumbled bacon, please go get her
Piled-up high to overflowing
That will get my taste buds going

Bacon goes  with any food
And can improve most any mood.

29 thoughts on “August 31 is National Bacon Day”

      1. 💜 I know Vegan Girls who secretly eat “Bacon” EveryOne; so, I Guess, YES!!! I Celebrate The Pig 🐖 The Divine


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  1. ♠️ Pigs eat anything so do babies; ergo ‘Grown Ups’ need to eat anything 😋 Ribs, Pork Chops, Offal and, of course “Bacon”



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