19 thoughts on “What is Free-Verse Poetry? – by Melissa Donovan…”

  1. Poetry, like all literary genres, has its rules and procedures, but I do believe that free verse is most assuredly poetry as it expresses, in artistic terms, human emotion and evokes a response in the reader. Poetry is the investigation of words, used to speak directly to the emotive part of the brain, poetically said, to the soul. All forms are beautiful but, in my opinion, no one form is superior. What makes a great poem is the emotional charge, the flow and the rhythm…

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  2. This battle — if that’s what it is — was lost over a century ago. Rhyming and meter are only two of the tools in the poetry toolbox. They are powerful ones when used well, but none of the tools in the box is so powerful that it needs to be present in every poem. Rhythm, balance, imagery, and the sounds of language are all fair game, as is form. To my mind, no poet should ignore the available tools or feel that s/he has to use any one of them as a straightjacket.

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  3. As far as I’m concerned, free-verse is poetry you don’t get paid for, except in copies (of the journals/magazines in which it’s published)….which betrays how old I am, because almost every poem I ‘sold’ was submitted and published on paper (like in the 1900s). Since then, I don’t get paid in anything, but at least I’ve saved on postage.

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  4. Of course free verse is poetry. I write in it all the time, even though I enjoy a good challenge on occasion and will write in form. One thing I don’t like is when poets (usually the inexperienced and/or young ones) write what is clearly prose but they call it poetry. When I see this in a workshop I tell them, “I want more poetry in your poem.” Basically, all the poetic devices that the author of the article talked about and Rolig above did too. Oh and don’t try to pass it off as “prose poetry” either because prose poetry is writing filled with all those wonderful poetic devices but presented in
    block format.

    Steps down from soapbox.

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