Cacophony at the Coffee Shop

Shrill shrieks of the high school girls
Bass thrum of the blower
Clanging crash of coffee cups on table tops
Relentless waves of conversation ebbing and flowing
Repetitive hacking and hiccuping from the old man behind me
Clinking silverware slapped down on tables
Banging of pots from the kitchen
Snatches of songs from cell-phone rings
Clip clops of the waitress's sensible shoes as she moves from table to table
The peaceful roar of traffic as I exit the coffee shop

29 thoughts on “Cacophony at the Coffee Shop”

  1. โ€œPeaceful roar of trafficโ€- Living in a city has that effect on us, right? ๐Ÿ˜‰
    Such a lovely poem! The music in a coffee shop is a unique topic, as itโ€™s usually the smell thatโ€™s often spoken about. Nice post!

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          1. Coffee Shop Quintet: Colors in the Coffee Shop, Whiffs in the Coffee Shop, Coffee Shop Textures, Coffee Shop Cuisine (Tastes in the Coffee Shop,) and the original Cacaphony in the Coffee Shop.

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