A Day to Wine About

​Crisp refreshing dawn the straw color of sauvignon blanc
each breath an intoxicating sip 
that stirs the blood and makes a morning walk a joy

Morning progresses to the richer warmer  sunshine of un-oaked Chardonnay
effervescent air tickles when inhaled deeply
energy pulses with each invigorating breath

Enveloping light and warmth of an oaked chardonnay noon
carries the smell of pumpkins and apples 
as the light breeze rubs against my skin like a cat
chilling out with out the early morning chill

Rich honeyed warmth in the late  afternoon, 
light the color of  petit manseng dessert wine
mindfulness to capture the warmth and mellowness of an autumnal afternoon
to replay during the cold grey winter days ahead.


13 thoughts on “A Day to Wine About”

    1. These vineyards are in Virginia. I’ve had years of drinking lovely Virginia wines in October to draw inspiration from. So, no I wrote these words sober on a Sunday morning. But I made up for it on Sunday afternoon. 😉

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      1. I’ve learnt something today. I never realised that Virginia made wine. We never see it in the UK, The only wine we really ever come across in any quantity is from California.

        As far as the second answer is concerned, I’d like you to write a poem one day after a glass or two and see what you think. People who have used intoxicating substances over the years have become legends. It could be your turn.

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