Merry Morning Mist-eries

The soft misty morning
enticed the rest of me
outdoors when I stuck
my nose out to test the temperature.

Happy preschoolers giggled
as they placed chase
with the ragged umbrella
that had previously
sheltered them when they
plunked merrily
 on  the wet grass.

Liquid-throated birds
warbled in trees
during my explorations around the block.

Three squirrels played
ring-around  the tree trunk
as a brown oak leaf
slowly helicoptered to the pavement.

The humidity held
a trace of damp earth
and  refreshed, happy greenery.

Accumulated plunks from
tree limbs dotted
my t-shirt but the
mist left no trace
except on
my hair, memories
and attitude.

36 thoughts on “Merry Morning Mist-eries”

  1. Your fantastic poem is an equation
    observing Life unfolding naturally out of Nature
    from school education
    to earth’s temperature
    that comprise experiencing work and pleasure
    encased in success and happiness=a priceless treasure
    beyond birds and human measure

    By: Van Prince

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